SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex
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SocietalSystem Central Meta-Sitemap
SocietalSystem ( StS )
Central Orientation Table

Top-Domains and Sections
July 2020: Totaling nearly 10.000.000 modulable documents and 30+ interactive platforms online.

SocietalSystem ( StS )

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SocietalSystem Central Meta-Sitemap

Based on the present Central Orientation Table
With 100s of Topic Meta-Sitemaps under construction.

Download the Presentation version of the below SocietalSystem Orientation Table
Central document for StS-Introductory Conferences

SocietalSystem ( StS )
A societal systemic, globally viable and inclusive, replacement towards 2030,
for the techno-mercantilist and partycratic model of the last 250 years.

Central Orientation Table
Each StS-Domain Homepage features an Orientation Table
Major StS-Sites Homepages feature a replica of the present Central Orientation Table, with topic-related applications.

StS Crowd-Research
and Construction Program
Global SocietalSystem Thinktank.
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StS-Communication Plan 2020-2030
What, why to whom, where and when.
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Cognitive Revision Plan

SocietalSystem Information System
Concepts ICT Codes Classifications Layout

SocietalSystem-Entities Operating Platform
StS-Charter StS-Foundation StS-Fund
StS-Consortiums StS-Supervisors
StS-Staff StS-Partnerships StS-Memberships
Societal Systemic Transition 2020-2030 Series

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StS-Master-Training System

StS-Street-Surveys - StS-Audits
World Sensibilization Campaigns

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Global-Local Citizens' steered
Deliberative Societal Governance Platform
2020-2025-2030 Societal Transition
and (S)Elections Plan
Pilot: Europen Parliament Elections 2024
Global-Local Socio-economy Platform
Regional Meta-Networks of Local Socio-economy Units
Global Corporate Panergetic
Complementary Clusters

replacing worldwide, towards 2030, party politics

StS-Strategic Focus:
within the domain

World SocietalSystem Organization WSGO
Global-Local Proactive Citizens' steered
Deliberative Societal Governance Organization

Objective 2020 > 2025 > 2030
Replacing partycratic politics and techno-mercantilist-driven policy.
United Nations replacement by
World Societal Governance Organization proposal 2030

Top Priorities: radical shift global-local financial system
Panergetic Index
 - Panergetic Prices Global-Local Impact Passport
and Complementary Currency

World Societal Emergency Shift 2020-2025
Ultimate attempt to "save the world".

SocietalSystem Partners Members Connections Platform

General Site Global-Local Societal Engagement Network -
Citizens Entities
Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites
for the world's every citizen and entity

Videos and Event Streams - 3D-Surveys and Projections

9. SocietalSystem Online + Mobile Interactivities
Throughout all StS-Domains

General Site Global-Local Societal Engagement Network - Citizens Entities

Project: Multicriteria StS-Codified Search Platform
through all StS-Domains

StS-ManualsStS-AgendasStS-WorkBooks 2020-2030l

SocietalSystem-Complex extended Outline Page
Featuring all StS-Domains and StS-Series

How to apply SocietalSystem to yourself, your family,
your street, neighborhood, region or country your work, public entity, enterprise, association or school ?

StS-Master Training Courses

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Download the Presentation version of the above SocietalSystem Orientation Table
Central document for StS-Introductory Conferences

SocietalSystem ( StS )